Hi there, 

Welcome to Crewe and Nantwich Canoe Club. 

Here's some useful information about the club. 

  • How can I join?:
    • To register your interest, complete the "registration" form using the link top right of this page. Select the "all members" option on the dropdown menu. We can then discuss your paddling experience and how best to join.
    • We now do a "taster session" for £25 (correct as at 2 November 2023) to see whether you need to attend one of our "Introduction to Kayaking" courses before attending club paddles. If you're not capable of the basic skills that we teach on our course, it means you will likely have to have one on one coach supervision for a taster course on the lake, which isn't fair on paying members.  Under the new system, you pay for a one hour assessment of your basic paddling skills which includes your membership fee till the end of December (excluding the small British Canoeing fee). If you have sufficient skills to paddle without too much supervision, you're free to attend further club paddles. If you need more training, you will need to attend the next Introduction to Kayaking course or seek private coaching, which we can also assist with. If you wish to book a taster session, please follow the one off Direct Debit link below for the  fee and contact us on enquries@creweandnantwichcc.co.uk  or 07725 264428 to arrange your assessment. https://pay.gocardless.com/BRT0001VDMVXW59

  • What does it cost to join?:
    • £25 for the calendar year Jan to December with a £2.20 (correct as at 2 November 2023). British Canoeing Affiliation Fee if you're not already a BC member. If you've already paid for an intro course or assessment fee, your membership is included up until 31 December of that year.

  • Do I have to pay to hire kit?
    • Members in their first year up to 31 December do not pay for kit hire. Returning members (members in their second year and so on) have to pay a flat fee of £5 (correct as at 2 November 2023) for a boat, helmet, BA, deck paddle and/or cag (dry top).

  • When is our next paddle?
    • Last Sunday of the month. Check Sportmember for more details.

  • Where can I find more information about club events
    • https://www.sportmember.co.uk/  You can access it via the App or website. The app is really easy, but remember to login with the details we've given you. Don't create a new account. Sportmember also has a notice board for useful information, a chat function and galleries.

  • How do I book on to trips/lake sessions/pool sessions? 
    • Using the link above. Click "attend" on the event and follow it through. 

  • How often does the club paddle? 
    • Every Friday night at Market Drayton swimming pool in November, then from January to April. Please note there is a charge for this.
    • Every Wednesday evening at Doddington Lake from May till August. Please note there is a charge for this. 
    • The last Sunday of every month (save for when it's a bank holiday and we move it forward a week).
    • Any other time a coach/leader has time and posts an event on Sportmember.

  • Membership benefits? 
    • Access to multiple trained coaches/leaders.
    • 10% discount at GoKayaking and Manchester Canoes.
    • Social events.
    • Free kit hire (including BA's helmets, spray decks, paddles, cags, kayaks and canoes) for your first year of membership.
    • No fees to attend a club paddle unless there is a 'facility fee' that the club has to cover like at Doddington Lake or the swimming pool.
    • The right to vote in club matters, attend committee meetings once a quarter and attend the AGM in November. 
    • Discounted British Canoeing affiliation fee which provides liability cover for you on club paddles. 

  • Progression: 
    • How much and how fast you want to progress is entirely up to you. The first rule however is to spend as much time on the water you can with the club. It's the safest and quickest way to advance. 
    • Read around white water kayaking online, watch YouTube videos and ask us questions! We also have some books that you can borrow.
    • We have prepared a 'skills progression ladder' to allow you to track your progress all the way from your first time on the water all the way up to coaching/white water leading. This is on Sportmember for you to peruse/ask coaches about. 
    • We can advise and assist you in obtaining British Canoeing qualifications if that is what you would like to do.
    • We can also point you in the right direction for private coaching. 

  • Safety:
    • Whilst we cannot stop you paddling on your own/with friends outside the club, we strongly do not recommend it. 
    • Where possible, paddle with a club coach/white water leader who is trained in first aid, rescue techniques and general river leadership. A lot of planning goes into planning club trips to make them safe, so please take advantage of this.

  • Buying kit
    • Don't do it yet! Come and try some club kit, see what you like and ask us advice first. Many people take the plunge, buy something and potentially waste money on the wrong thing. 

  • Club etiquette:
    • We're a small club with an all voluntary committee and coaching/leading team. We therefore ask that you a) book onto courses on Sportmember in good time b) pay any fees due c) tell us in good time if you need to borrow kit from the club d) help us move kit when on site e) listen to the coaches/leaders and f) turn up on time to club paddles.

  • Any other questions?:
    • Please feel free to contact me in the first instance on 07725 264428 by phone or WhatsApp. 




Crewe and Nantwich Canoe Club